Development and performance evaluation of washing equipment for Selected up country vegetables combined with Ozone treatment

Oct 01 2019

Mechanical washing equipment combined with ozone treatment was developed by NIPHM and evaluated for upcountry root crops like Radish, Potato and carrot for cleaning the tubers before transferring to the market. Using the developed equipment the tubers can be washed efficiently without bruises and damages on crop surfaces and improve the visual quality of the tubers. It is a movable and affordable drum-type rotating device with a continuous pressurized water stream and the rotating speed of the drum and water ejection speed can be adjusted as required. The washing capacity is 1000 - 1500 kg/hr. The matting material of the inner surface is used for the reduction of the roughness of the surface thereby avoiding damages on tuber surfaces. The washing process depends fundamentally on the friction and rubbing between the tuber surfaces and the inner surface of the rotating drum in the presence of a pressurized water stream. Ozone application will be done for the washed tubers as a post-harvest treatment which facilitates the controlling of post-harvest diseases like soft rot and thereby increase the shelf life of vegetables.

Started Date

Oct 01 2019

Published Date

Dec 31 2021

Principal Investigator

Miss. W.M.S.S.K Weerasinghe


Mr. W.M.C.B Wasala, Mr. V.G.K Madhuranga, Mr. K.P.L Kumarage, Mrs. D.M.S.P. Bandara