Empowering of successful emerging entrepreneurs through technology dissemination by NIPHM: Best entrepreneur in Anuradhapura district, ‘Rajarata Malberry products’

Apr 29 2022

National Institute of Post-Harvest Management is a leading institute, disseminating new technologies to the Sri Lankan agriculture sector. Under this, a number of new small and medium size entrepreneurs (SMEs) were generated and many agro based quality products have been introduced to their consumers. "Rajarata Malberry products (RMP)" is one of the emerging entrepreneurs in the Rajarata area that produces dehydrated products and broadened their products range through the effective technology transfer by NIPHM. This entrepreneur was recently awarded as the best entrepreneur in Anuradhapura district. As well she was awarded as one of the successful women entrepreneur in Anuradhapura district from state ministry of women and child affairs.  They use our institute name in their label as the technical partner; it gives good reputation and marketing strength to them by creating customer credibility to their products. NIPHM is always ready to support their stakeholders to uplift their livelihood by improving product process and quality.