The National Institute of Post Harvest Management (NIPHM), Operating Under the Ministry of Agriculture, Functions as the Main Institution in Sri Lanka Engaged in Improving the Post Harvest Technology of Rice, Other Grains, Field Crops, Fruits, Vegetables and Spices. The Institute is Regarded and Functions as the Apex Institute in Sri Lanka Engaged in Improving the Post Harvest Technology of Durable and Perishable Crops Through Research, Training, Extension, Consultancy, Advisory and Other Development Activities.


Calling EOI from established fruit processor for operation of fruit pulp processing center in Hambanthota district

Interested parties are invited to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to the National Institute of Postharvest Management by Registered Post, ...

Mar 27 2024

International Postharvest Research Symposium (IPRS) 2023

Welcome to the International Postharvest Research Symposium (IPRS) 202321 September 2023atNational Institute of Postharvest ManagementJayant...

Jan 29 2024

Calling quotations for conducting a training on Entrepreneurship Development & Business Management skills

Quotations  are called for conducting a training program on Entrepreneurship Development & Business Management skills to the stakeholders of ...

Nov 28 2023


Design and Development of a Process Line for Groundnut Oil Extraction

The groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) is one of the important oil seed crop in legume family and it is a good source of protein and fiber. Groundnut oil...

Effect of Natural Edible Coatings on Quality Characteristics and Storage Behaviour of Mango ( L.) during Cold Storage Conditions

Mango is an economically important seasonal fruit facing greater problems in storage and transportation to long distance market because of its perisha...


Introduction of safe packaging and transportation methods to reduce postharvest loss in perishable supply chain in Sri Lanka

Serious quantitative post harvest losses and quality deterioration occur during all stages of the horticulture supply chain in Sri Lanka. The results ...

Development of cottage level rice processing industry

The cottage level rice parboiling and processing methods developed by the National Institute of Post-Harvest Management (NIPHM) has overcome the drawb...

Study With NIPHM

Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate students are provided with research facilities for conducting postharvest research in their chosen field which is an integral part of these career development conducting research facilities in post-harvest technology.

Undergraduate Students

The NIPHM provides undergraduate students with expertise and resources to pursue high end research in diverse topics on postharvest technology.

School Leavers

Before commencing higher studies, school leavers can gain experience and knowledge in broad range of academic disciplines.

Technical college’s students

The students who are enrolled in their tertiary education in technical/diploma colleges are offered with opportunities for fulfilling their training component in a range of disciplines specialized by NAITA such as of Accounting, ICT, Civil Engineering, Postharvest Technology, Microbiology, Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering etc.

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