Evaporative Water Cooling Grinding (EWC) Method For Grinding Spices

May 30 2018

The present method and a model of Evaporative Water Cooling (EWC) grinding were introduced for grinding spices qualitatively with the use of water injected into the grinding chamber during the process. In this method, both atomized water and dehumidified air are fed in to the grinding chamber of a spice grinder while feeding of spice product to be ground. The aim is to facilitate water to absorb heat generated due to the size reduction of spices inside the grinder as a latent heat of vaporization. It is known that water has the highest latent heat capacity than the any other compound that phenomena is used to get heat absorbed by the water to phase change from liquid to vapor. These vapors are flushed away by the dehumidified air fed into the chamber. This all actions are happened at the time of size reduction of spice particles. It is enable not to absorb heat by the ground product until going out of the grinding chamber. Patent No: 18833 Sri Lanka and International Patent Classification (IPC): A47J 42/00)