Introduction of safe packaging and transportation methods to reduce postharvest loss in perishable supply chain in Sri Lanka

Jan 22 2021

Serious quantitative post harvest losses and quality deterioration occur during all stages of the horticulture supply chain in Sri Lanka. The results of a surveys and studies conducted have revealed that the post harvest loss in fruits and vegetables range from 30-35% in which highest contribution is given during the transportation due use of unsuitable packaging. Therefore, this project was conducted to popularize the use of appropriate packaging for transportation of fruits and vegetables among farmers, collectors, transporters, whole sellers, retailers. The project aimed to provide plastic crates to all the stakeholders of fruits and vegetables supply chain in the country on 70% subsidy basis. This project is operated from 2019 to 2024. During year 2019 and 2020, 70,000 plastic crates under two categories were introduced to stakeholders in major perishables supply chains in Sri Lanka. Simultaneously, all the stakeholders in perishable supply chain are also trained on proper handling and transportation of fruits and vegetables.