Solar Assisted drying for dehydration of perishables

Post-harvest losses of farm products, especially of fruits, vegetables and other perishables, nearly ranged from 20-40 %in Sri Lanka. For low-income farmers, this can mean losing their only stream of revenue. The drying is known as the best method to preserve fruits, vegetables, and other perishables. That increases shelf life of products for almost a year. It is a value addition process that can save nearly 1/3rd losses of seasonal agro-products. The most relevant drying techniques, such as convective drying, spray drying, freeze-drying and osmotic dehydration are not affordable and suitable for different types of drying categories. In this context, it is supposed to be discussed about greenhouse type solar energy assisted drying technique which is one of the eminent drying techniques today 



Principal Investigator

Eng.(Mr.) K.P.L.Kumarage


Eng. (Mr.) B.D.M.P. Bandara Dissanayake, Eng.(Mrs.) C.K.Marasinghe