Effect of Natural Edible Coatings on Quality Characteristics and Storage Behaviour of Mango ( L.) during Cold Storage Conditions

Mango is an economically important seasonal fruit facing greater problems in storage and transportation to long distance market because of its perishable nature. Natural edible coatings have been proved for enhancing shelf life, delaying the ripening and preserving the quality of fruits. Hence, this study was carried out in the Laboratory of National Institute of Post Harvest Management to identify the effect of applying IPHT bio wax (IPHT) 1:25, Chitosan (CH) 0.8% and Gum Arabic (GA) 8% on delaying ripening, enhancing the storage life and retaining the quality of mango fruits cv. during cold storage



Principal Investigator

Ms. W.M.S.S.K Weerasinghe


Mr. B.A.M.S. Kumara, Dr. R.M.N.A. Wijewardane and Mr. W.M.C.B. Wasala