Entrepreneurship in Agro-based Industries

May 31 2022

We are excited to give a tremendous technological support with our in-house facilities, 

in line with machinery and equipment, labor force, spaces, other facilities etc.…

Services for Machinery and Equipment.

•        Dehydration

•        Pulse de-hulling

•        Spice processing

•        Grain Flour Processing

•        Edible Oil processing

•        Maize processing

•        Extruding

•        Cold store

Services for Agro-based product Development

•        Fruit based product- Dehydrated, Canning, Ready to use(instant), Confectioneries, Beverages, Freeze products, etc.…

•        Rice based products- Sausages, Rice cream, soup cube, cake, biscuits, rice flakes

•        Snacks

•        Extruded products

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